From small bespoke projects to the modification of power transmissions for new hybrid drive technologies, we provide a unique in-house industrial gearbox design service; offering 3D engineered modeling and 3D product simulation, which means we are able to create the perfect solution for all customers seeking new or bespoke power transmissions, worldwide.

We offer our design and 3D modelling services for all applications requiring a modified or bespoke solution for their power transmissions. Whether this be an adaptation of a product already within our range or the design of a new custom made solution; we work closely with companies and individuals from a wide range of sectors to design, model and test new cutting-edge solutions for their various drive applications.

Our pioneering design skills have enabled us to be involved in the ground breaking development of a new application for one of our main customers; this involved intricate modification of a number of existing products, complexly adapted to fit a new hybrid drive configuration.

We become involved in a project from the early design stages, assessing the requirement of products and providing the customer with a precisely engineered 3D model; used to ensure the required assembly fits perfectly into the machinery they are producing. Our expertise in providing this service has allowed us to design innovative compact solutions for various situations where space is limited; with no compromise to the overall performance of their machinery.


We’re here to offer expert advice; from the selection and supply of standard gearbox products to the design and manufacture of a complete bespoke solution. Whether you’re a global company or an individual looking for some technical advice, our experienced support team are on hand to discuss a complete solution for your requirements.

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